Polaroid transfers

I have taken the habit, during my photosessions, to take a few polaroids.

The pack 100 film enables me to make these photographic transfers, just after having peeled the negative and positive apart. Indeed, as it develops, the negative and positive are in contact and when separated, the positive image remains on the other side for a few moments. This is when I apply this part of the photograph to a simple paper sheet to make it appear, with all its possible imperfection. Most of the time, I use skech paper, hence the visible texture. After scanning the images obtained, I have made a few minor retouches on the lights and colors and reconstituted some of the elements which have not penetrated the paper as they should have. It can also happens, on rare occasions that the negative image dominates and it is this negative image that is eventually tranferred onto the paper, which enables me to obtain a positive-negative blend, as is the case on some of the pictures in this series.